• Print-Ready ArtworkWCBS Group is especially convenient for clients who do their own design work or have their own designer. Orders can be placed online and artwork uploaded 24/7 from anywhere in the country. 
  • Prepress services are FREE!In all cases, we carefully inspect your artwork to ensure files include all intended elements, that there are adequate bleeds and margins and optimize the file for production. If there are any problems or questions about the job, we always contact you before proceeding.
  • Minor Layout or Typesetting Place your order online with and upload the artwork that you have. Contact us for changes or corrections. Minor layout and/or typesetting (up to 1/4 hour) is FREE! A repeat order with modifications? We already have the artwork. Minor changes are free. If there are changes, we will always send you a proof before proceeding. Rarely do repeat orders incur artwork.

Check out this helpful video on how to set up your artwork for pritning. 


  • Minor Layout & Typesetting is FREE! (Up to 1/4 hour.) This covers most business forms and promotional products. Services such as logo design or reconstruction, image manipulation services (such as clipping paths, masking, adding drop shadow, or adding a reflection and shadow), creating vector art from an image, digitization (for embroidery), or the complete design of a marketing piece are extra. Pricing will depend on the complexity of the job and the expected time required. Billable design work will be quoted in advance on a per job basis.
  • Extensive Layout or Typesetting You may have a job with your own graphics and images and just need layout and typesetting. Layout and/or design normally charges out at $70.00 an hour unless a fixed rate is agreed upon in advance. Contact us with your needs and wishes and we will be happy to provide an estimate. Again, the first 1/4 hour is FREE.
  • New, Unique, Custom Designs From Scratch WCBS works with a group of professional, highly-creative designers to provide dozens of unique designs from which to choose. We work with you and the designers until the design is exactly what you want. A fixed fee for the job will be determined in advance. Contact us to discuss your needs.



WCBS Group provides a wide range of graphic services. Our capabilities are as diverse as our many clients and as unique and specific as each one.

  • Prepress services are FREE!If you know what you want, can lay it out and send us print-ready artwork (e.g. a high-resolution PDF), we can probably use it. Final preparation for production – including verifying bleeds & margins, correcting for color-space, out-lining fonts, conversion to a production-compatible PDF/X-1a format – is complimentary!
  • Layout & Typesetting Artwork normally charges out at $70.00 an hour unless a fixed rate is agreed upon in advance. Minor layout and/or typesetting (up to 1/4 hour) is FREE! Once we have your logo and artwork on file, future revisions rarely incur fees.
  • Graphic & Image Design Services We will help you get the perfect logo, create a dynamic Corporate Image Package or help you design a high-impact brochure brochure. See Graphic & Image Design Services below for more details.
  • Image Manipulation & RestorationHave images that need to be cleaned-up, modified or restored? We can do it. WCBS offers a wide range of image manipulation services for print or web. Fees depend on the complexity of the image and service provided. See Image Manipulation Services below for examples.
  • Proofing & Editing Services Need a professional wordsmith? We have one one staff. See Proofing & Editing Services below for details.




WCBS Group works with a large team of highly-creative, professional designers to provide scores of unique designs. We work together with you and the designers until you have a great, unique design that you can be proud of. A fixed fee for the job is determined in advance. Contact us to discuss your needs. One of the first steps is to determine the type of logo that your want. Six basic types are illustrated below:



Creating a new piece with professional graphics, images & layout can become involved, complicated and expensive depending on complexity, purpose, images used, illustrations required and the characteristics of the piece itself. As individuals’ tastes and needs are so different, it can be an extra challenge for a single designer – no matter how good he or she is – to come up with a design that not only stands out, is unique, is consistent with the image you want, and that matches your personal tastes. Frankly, for many it is prohibitive.

WCBS Group has made this process as quick, easy and inexpensive as possible. We work with a large team of highly-creative, professional designers to produce multiple fresh, custom designs.

We work with you to prepare a professional creative brief to define your project and provide guidelines for the designers before work begins. As they go to work and the designs pour in, you give us feedback on what you do or do not like. New submissions, revisions and feedback are repeated over and over until you have the best possible design. Best of all, you determine in advance how much you want to pay. There are no surprises!

We make sure you get the maximum number of ideas and the best product for the lowest possible price.

Contact us with your needs and ideas and we will provide an estimate for your project.


Image Manipulation Services include:


A Clipping Path is a closed vector line, or shape – usually drawn with a photoshop pen tool – to cut out an image from it’s background. When clipping path is applied to an image, anything inside the path is included and everything outside the path is omitted. Clean crisp edges result. Clipping paths are most commonly employed for images with sharp edges (a bike for example), but can also be applied to images with softer edges.

A clipping path has many uses including: Background Removal, Background Change, Photo Manipulation, Photo Composition, Highlighting an object, Brochure/Flyer Design, Ad Design and much, much more.


Image masking is a powerful tool for removing the background of complex images such as hair, fur, or images having semi transparent or translucent objects like glasses, feathers, smoke, flames, culminating points, lighting, etc. We can eliminate, extract or detach an object from the rest of the picture using the image masking technique. Image masking is time consuming & eye straining and requires experience, special programs and a dedication to detail.

Image masking become very important commercially for complex images in product catalogues for online stores, brochures, magazines, calendars, poster, etc. All require that each and every images be clear so that viewers actually feel like looking at the original products. Types of masking include: Alpha/Channel Masking, Layer Masking,Transparent Masking, Translucent Masking, Knock Out, etc.


Drop shadows create a sense of depth and texture – giving the impression that the object is slightly raised above its background. Using advanced blending and softening techniques, we can create drop shadows that exactly emulate their natural counterparts, with the added bonus that they can be easily manipulated to create a range of possibilities and variations.


Adding a reflection shadow or mirror effect creates the illusion that the product featured in your image is not simply a disembodied picture, but has a depth and solidity which comes from its relationship to another surface.


There are two basic types of artwork: a Raster image and a Vector image. Raster images are made up of dots. A computer screen has a resolution of 100 dots per inch (dpi), a printed page 300 dpi, 600 dpi or more. When a Raster image is enlarged, the number of dots in the images stays the same and each dot is enlarged and often become visible producing jagged, irregular edges. Vector images, on the other hand, are mathematically defined and are made of lines, curves, shapes & fills. When enlarged, the lines, curves & shapes – and their relationships – stay the same. Vector Art is always clean and crisp regardless of size. Its resolution is only limited by that of the output device.

  • A vector image can be scaled up or down without any loss in quality.
  • A vector image can be printed at any size or any resolution.
  • Vector images can be converted to an image at any size and resolution.


Special software is used to create an object-based embroidery design from a supplied image, which can be easily reshaped and edited. These files retain important information such as object outlines, thread colors, and original artwork used to punch the designs. These files are then converted to “stitch” files compatible with computerized embroidery machines.


Images can cost a lot to reproduce or reacquire. Some may be irreplaceable. We use the latest Photoshop retouching techniques to remove spots or blemishes, or apply advanced color correction work to restore or enhance your images. We can help you make sure that your images are finished exactly the way you want them. Techniques include:

  • Changing the color of eye, skin or hair
  • Remove facial lines, wrinkles, skin blemishes
  • Improving color, hue and saturation
  • Adjusting tonality, brightness and contrast
  • Adjusting white, black, highlight or shadow levels
  • Restoration of old black and white or color-faded photos


Minor proofing is FREE! (up to two pages.) This includes checking for both spelling and grammatical errors. We have an excellent proofreader on staff and are happy to provide this as an extra service to our clients.

Extensive Editing incurs additional cost. We will work with you on your project until your message is professionally crafted to create the impact you want.

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering superior quality and some of the best prices in the country. Discover just how low our prices are with our online Instant Pricing Calculator under the Marketing Material optiin in the products menu. 

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